Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Risk Of A Diet High In Protein

A Diet high in protein triggers increased levels of uric acid in blood that comes from the breakdown of purin thus increasing risk of gout in people who are sensitive.

Doc, I've been running the Dukan Diet, and a great success. I dropped 4 pounds in two weeks. But I never read, if a diet high in protein such as kidney, although harm Dukan accompanied by drinking lots of plain water. How did the doctor? (Nia, 27)

Dear Nia,
Correctly what Nia read about high protein diets like the Dukan Diet. A Diet high in protein which carries energy restriction will quickly give you the impact weight loss due to depletion of fluid and formation of ketone bodies in the body, which suppresses appetite. Unfavorable effects of the body during the running of a diet high in protein include:

* Blood fat levels can be interrupted.
* Increased levels of uric acid in blood that comes from the breakdown of purin (a type of amino acids) thereby increasing the risk of gout in people who are sensitive.
* Increase progresivitas in diabetics, kidney disorders, despite a diet high in protein is only run in a short time.
* Embossed Burnout due to glycogen depletion of the body, dizziness, headache, or nausea due to the loss of sodium the body.
* Increase risk of cancer due to lack of antioxidants like vitamins A, B6, E, thiamine, folate, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and fiber, which many in the vegetable and fruit. This is because they are running high protein diets tend to vegetable and fruit consumption in the amount is very less.
* Increases progresivitas coronary heart disease in people who are exposed to high risk of the disease.
* Increase the loss of calcium through urine thus lowering bone density that will result in the onset of osteoporosis, even though it already received calcium and vitamin D supplementation.

Therefore to lose weight safely, Nia can run complete with nutrition and diet balanced, no need with a diet high in protein.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Case Of The Young Child By JanSport Music

Origin bag Brand JanSport, the United States, not only among young menyasar as main target customers are. Through music, JanSport accommodate the needs of young children. Not only in America but also in Indonesia.

JanSport Indonesia enlisting as an online music competition initiator for an indie band, appreciated among the young. Because, in a number of other countries are JanSport, though equally support their music, have never held a titled Show Your Sound activities of this kind.

"This online music competition first held in Indonesia as well as JanSport globally," said John Sebastian, Brand Manager for JanSport Indonesia during a news conference at Rolling Stone Cafe, Kemang, Jakarta, Friday (8/2/2013).

Brand bags menyasar ages 13 to 35 this filter Indonesia young musicians through social media. Via the Facebook Page Indonesia, JanSport 70 band sent video footage and the profile.

The jury team consists of representatives of the United States, he is the musician JanSport Slank, and Ricky Saberi from Rolling Stone Indonesia menyeleksinya to 20, then look for the top 3, to get a major winner and a winner of the favorite. As a result, major John Matheson as a champion Plainlied, and R.U.M as the winner of the favorite.

"In the future, the winner will be involved in the activities of the JanSport always related to music and young people," said Johan.

According to He, the winners of the competition JanSport online music Show Your Sound has original works, a local band of global quality, which could represent a JanSport also Indonesia. For guitarists, music competition Slank this kind of indie bands need need help promotion. "Central to the indie band is exposure. A win in the competition also add points to their profile, "he said.

Not only support the promotion, JanSport has also through the activities provide concrete solutions in terms of financially. The main prize in the form of cash of Rp 20 million gives the fresh wind and the hope for the young who choose musical circles as his profession. Provide one more important solutions for indie bands who often stop growing because of funding constraints.

"The purpose of this activity is to facilitate a difficulty starting a recording band," says Johan.

Although choosing a winner that could represent a stylish handbag brand young, Johan said these activities did not intend to seek a 60 percent are now icons JanSport favored men, and 40 percent are now women. Brand bag that has more than 500 variants, ranging from backpacks to tote this bag, is committed to support the activities of young people, especially the music.

In addition to facilitate creativity among the young, JanSport Indonesia also planned to meet the needs of various backgrounds, especially teenagers until first jobber sporty-style handbag needs. JanSport intends to open two more shops in 2013, adding to the one store is now located at the mall the EX, Central Jakarta. Also add 65 outlets to 100 in various department stores across Indonesia.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Preparing for the Unexpected Encounter Endless Love

Long single and desperate because the man has not yet met the craving? Don't blame fate, it could be, you are not ready for the moment of the meeting.

Patti Stanger, expert romance, dating agency owner premium "millionaire's Club" and star of the reality show "the Millionaire Matchmaker" have a theory why you always fail and how to always be ready for an unexpected meeting with a man's dream.

An unexpected encounter with a man who leads a love affair even marriage, not just the story of the film or a romantic drama. You can also experience it. But you might wonder, why such a meeting never happened to you?

"My guess is you're not ready for it. I am a person who believes that God and life just give us something we can face, and if you're not ready for a romantic relationship, then, it will not happen to you, "says Patti.

So, believe in destiny – love will come when you're ready. This means that you are prepared when it happened: special meetings

* Open yourself.
Patti said, the stranger is not just a friend you've never met before. For him, a stranger is just a friend you haven't met dating. If you do not have a special relationship with someone and no one in your life who is being hounded, your choice is simply the people that you have never known. Well, that foreigners cannot be directly transformed into friends dating. It takes some effort. So, open yourself to want to respond to a chat with new people, and even start that conversation.

You can start it with the handsome that often greets You each day in front of the elevator, for example. When you open a conversation, you don't know how it will take you to the next level of our relationship. At the very least, you turn strangers into acquaintances, and then change the acquaintances become friends. If you want to open a communication, you create more opportunities to meet new people that may increase the chance of being able to find him/her!

* Look interesting.
You have to look attractive to feel attractive and be ready for the possibility of unexpected romantic encounters. So make sure you come out the House with interesting countenances, and do touch up a couple of times to make sure everything stays good. That does not mean you have to wear a dress or grooming excessively each out of the House.

That is, however, just go to the minimarket near the House, make sure your hair is clean, not tersisir advance kucel, and dress is appropriate. You don't know what's going on. Who knows you cross paths with cool guy on the street or in the minimart. You won't look attractive with a dress shirt, shirt and Shorts worn and Frizz. Instead of opening a conversation, you will thus avoid due to loss of confidence.

* Free hand from your mobile phone.

"I know Twitter, BBM, the Path makes it addictive. But you won't look attractive if always looked down and busy with your mobile phone, "says Patti.

Enter your mobile phone into a bag while activity. Approaching someone for the first time takes a lot of courage, and you want to simplify the process so that the prospective girlfriends dare start a conversation with you.

If he felt he was in fact interfere with Your busy life with a cell phone, then he will not take the initiative. So, when were alone, unplug the headphones, handsfree and free up your hands from the gadget. If you want to get acquainted with new people, make sure you look can be approached.

* Forget the past.

You must continue living. It is indeed easier said than practiced. But this is the most important thing to do. Once again, you will only meet a man craving when you're ready for the meeting. So make sure you really strengthens to be able to move on, and get ready to meet new people.

Remove yourself from the past, stop stalking the ex or ex comes in social media. Do efforts to be living alone and happy life without it. When you can do it, at that time also, Mr. Right will come unexpectedly.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Natural baby Crying Phase up to five Months

Based on research carried Ronald Barr, MD from the University of British Columbia, newborn to first five months generally experience a period of crying for hours.

It is said, in a day baby crying as much as five hours. This is according to Barr, called the experience a phase that is named "The Period of Purple crying". This reasonable phase occurs and not due to the fault of parents in the upbringing and care of the heart.

Barr also mentioned, the baby will often cry began two weeks of age until the age of 3-4 months. Although some other baby might not be too often cry. However, during this period, generally a baby will often cry. He was fussy and relative inconsolably back.

Along with the research carried Barr, another study mentions, it's often crying baby in the morning and the evening, especially when her parents go to work and when they're sleeping.

To defuse the turmoil parents, Barr made a "formulation" periods or phases of crying. Following a period of crying "PURPLE":

P: Peak crying
Since birth, the next every week, the baby will often cry. Top baby cried at the age generally 2-5 months.

U: Unpredictable.
The baby cried without being able to predict, unexpectedly, and without an obvious reason. That is, unable to know when to start and end, also will not be known why or for what reason to cry.

R: Resist.

That is, the infant will reject peace. Even if You've tried to soothe, nonetheless she was crying because it is his time.

P: Pain.
Baby crying impressed like I was feeling sick, but you do not find the cause. In fact he did not even feel sick.

L: Long.
The period can be very old baby cries, reached two hours.

E: Evening.
Babies will cry more often in the afternoon or evening.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Millionaires Need "Matchmaker" Finds Love

Success in business, abundant living treasure and power, not enough to be financially comfortable giving happiness to the millionaires who languish a matter of love. Need any trained millionaires themselves to transform found love, with the help of matchmaker.

Matchmaker and author of the book Become Your Own Matchmaker: 8 Easy Steps for Attracting Your Perfect Mate, Patti Stanger of the millionaire's help to get a pair, with a number of ways. According to Patti, the millionaire who hasn't got a pair rather than just having a hard time choosing the right spouse, but also dealing with the characters themselves are difficult.

In a television program (a docudrama) "Millionaire Matchmaker" season 5, Patti and the team became the coach and transforms the millionaires to get love and soul mate. Patti not only will mencomblangkan millionaires who have difficulty getting a pair with a number of potential candidates. According to him, the millionaire also need undergo a transformation if it is to find love.

Even the millionaires that is not lack of money also need to get guidance from personal shopper to change his appearance. Millionaires without this love will be helped by getting goods shopping appearance more charming.

Not only the appearance so the focus changes. Patti also incurred psychological therapist and Advisor to assist millionaires find love couple's dream.

The reason, it's no easy for anyone who has long single phase dating back to start. Is a challenge for the millionaires is to tap into this phase. In some people, entering a date also brought a change in him. Like Patti, who claims to be turned into a sweeter moment in love and dating, in contrast with his character who tends to focus time working jutek.

Patti returning single after failing to maintain a relationship after together for six years, also admitted could not easily enter the world of matchmaking and dating. "I'm single now. During her time there courting moments and scary. Like the others, it's entry to the world grogi matchmaking and dating again, "he said.

A sense of self and a change in grogi which also need to be prepared for millionaires find love. You can see how someone would want to and try to change for the sake of getting love, through television programs hosted Patti 14 February 2013 start on Sony Entertainment Television channel.


Marc Jacobs, Creative Director Of New Diet Coke

The creativity of the designers in designing not only clothing, but also in other media such as cans of soft drinks. American designer Marc Jacobs was selected as the Creative Director for the Coca Cola design the drink Diet Coke cans, to coincide with the anniversary of the Diet Coke-30 this year.

Man who also acts as Creative Director label Louis Vuitton is not the first designer to do it. Last year, the position was held by Jean Paul Gaultier. In contrast to Jean Paul Gaultier's style tends to be eccentric, at the hands of Marc cans of Diet Coke will appear more casual and stylish.

At the end of the month, on 25 February, the latest work of Marc cans design will be launched officially. In addition, Marc will also design a bottle of Diet Coke and aluminum will be published on March 12.

The anniversary Cake Diet this time celebrated in a campaign titled "Sparkling Together for 30 Years". "Marc is inspired on the women's fashion style in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Marc definitely will also integrate some favorite symbols and motifs particularly unique," says a source of Coca Cola.

"I feel very honored to be creative director of Diet Coke, and I'll include the hallmark in celebration of 30 years. Diet Coke is an icon. And I love the icons, "says Marc Jacobs.

As a manifestation of his enthusiasm, Marc even made a campaign ad Diet Coke with a theme of "Photo Booth Break". In this ad, Marc served as models that were drinking soda while topless in a photo booth.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Luckily got a pair as a Business Partner

Flower Image Lestari (BCL) and her husband, Ashraf Sinclair, a culinary business along with T.G.I Friday's restaurant launches in Lippo Mall Kemang, Jakarta. The couple's decision to open a joint venture is not something new in the world of business. The closeness that was triggered by common hobbies, interests, or indeed be a cornerstone of passion is strong for the married couple to open a business. In this case, BCL and Ashraf also had in common: good food.

Another possibility which underlies the partnership between husband and wife is a combined expertise of each. For example, you are good at cooking while smart's husband set up finance and create business strategies. Then, each capable of working professionals, by not mixing business with a household affair.

Ashraf confessed, many advantages that can be gained from doing business with a partner.

"We have a lot more time spent together, develop together, doing things that we both really enjoy and like, and communication has become more diverse," said actor from Malaysia to the Female Compass, after the official launching of T.G.I Friday's on Tuesday (5/1/2013).

"If I were the heck, this is quite profitable. We work equally well, and communication go home rest equally. Rather than on a daily basis, each busy. After the home was both too tired to chat or spend time together, "he continued.

Tip from Ashraf if wants to start a business together the couple is not overly dwell on negative things. The mind must always be positive, and thanks to the unity that occurs. "Think positive, and working on a task proportionally each. Like a flower that is more concentrated with the Affairs of children and home, so he didn't manage the operational nature or everyday. If it is I who give an update with it. "

Ashraf and BCL also involved two of their friends as partners, i.e. Chandra Supandi and Inna Basarah. All four of them often gather to discuss business together: what hasn't been, already, or need to be developed in their business.

"When assembled often we invite each family. Would like one big family, "said Ashraf.

According to him, doing business with partner and friend who was already well-known even more profitable. They had those closest and trustworthy, the commonality of interests, vision, and goals. However, they agreed to work in a professional manner by making all clear agreements on paper.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In Order To Be More Healthy Culinary Business Patisseries

Many people have actually have a consciousness to choose healthier meals when eating outside the home. It's just that, many of them undo an intention to choose healthy meals when faced with food menu at the restaurant. What is the reason?

Research-themed "World Report: Seductive Menu Nutrition" held by Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) of 5,000 respondents out of 10 countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Russia, the United States, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, China and Indonesia) showed a negative perception of the consumer. For consumers, the more healthy foods are often less attractive because of three main reasons:

* 45 percent of respondents believed that a healthy meal portions a little more
* 61 percent of respondents said that healthy food is more expensive
* 43 per cent of respondents rate the healthy food less delicious.

This last reason is considered to be quite challenging, particularly for the culinary business owners (including the chef), i.e. how to make healthier food choices still are considered delicious. Also, how customers may not compare with other healthy foods menu which is considered just spoil the tongue.

To that end, the researchers are testing the perceptions of respondents about the healthy food that looks delicious. Researchers showed a healthy fish dish on two different menus, IE menu "neutral" (a steamed trout, whole grain rice, a delicious tomato sauce, roasted vegetables with garlic sauce and olive oil), and the "seductive" (steamed fresh trout, whole grain rice, tomato sauce is tasty, spicy roasted vegetables with garlic sauce original, Italy and olive oil).

The menus are served the same, but given a different explanation. This effort turned out to produce a different response on the respondent. Nine respondents out of ten countries surveyed assume that the meat turns on the menu "sexually suggestive" looks more attractive. In other words, consumers are reluctant to choose a healthy menu caused an unflattering description of the way.

In nine countries, the "seductive" made respondents think that the trout dishes more delicious taste. The only country that does not have the perception is, that Poland considered that the description of the "neutral" impressed more delicious.

"Tantalizing Menu that is written with a good description can add appeal for the customer. Thus, we provide the opportunity for the customer to understand the origin of foodstuffs, as well as the process of cooking it. How the materials processed and prepared in the kitchen, "said Chef Robin Ho, Executive Chef The Marmalade Group, in a report on World Report Menu.

In Indonesia, making the dish more evocative description of taste is actually very possible to implement. Moreover, many of the traditional foods that have names that are short and flat. Aldi Adhena, Executive Chef of Unilever Food Solutions, Indonesia considers this naming to be a challenging task but also fun.

For example, to experiment with UFS it changes the menu fried rice into fried rice brown rice with pieces of grilled chicken and fresh vegetables that Are rich in fiber. Grilled chicken Menu digantinya be Skinless Grilled chicken with sweet soy Sauce, served with Mushrooms and rice Pepes Know Red is warm. Seductive taste, isn't it?

"I just did a minor change on the Favorites menu to be more healthy, namely improving the description of the food menu will appear more appealing for consumers," explained Aldi, when talk show in the building Annex Tower Ambassadors, Kuningan, Jakarta, some time ago.

Of course, Aldi does not only give details on the menu description, but also modify the materials used and how to offer it. For fried rice, for example, choose to use the Aldi red rice is more fibrous. In addition, he suggested to reduce the portion of the rice. Then, he replaced the fried chicken with grilled chicken breasts, by first removing the Peel. For the fried egg, it only uses egg whites only. Add vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots to add color to the dish. Lastly, eliminate crackers.

In this way, Aldi's fried rice cereal yields low in fat, low in calories, contains more fiber and blessing, as well as make a dish look tasteful thanks to the priestesses.

The same thing he did on grilled chicken dishes. "Fried chicken or grilled chicken that's right, the most tasty right her skin. However, it is also high in fat skin. So if you want to reduce fat, most straightforward message for her skin was revoked, "he said giving advice.

For the grilled chicken menu, Aldi use boneless chicken breast and add the tofu and mushrooms pepes to replace fried tofu and tempe. He also uses carbohydrates for red rice, and add lettuce, tomato, and cucumber for garnish. As a result, chicken bakarnya more low fat, low calories, and more fibrous.

"To watch out for is the presentation. That's when cuisine is so important is because of the eye, the first found this is interesting or not. The tongue and so carried away after seeing the presentation, "he explained.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hope for women's Leadership in 2013

On women's issues and leadership to the attention of many parties, Government and private. The Forum, an event dedicated to the advancement of women is also growing. Topics such as women's employment, career and personal life balance women are still a concern also debate. Then what is actually needed and what women want expectations embodied women and leadership related?

Search E Guittard, MPA, specialists and teachers of corporate diplomacy, global deal, geopolitical risks, international negotiations and leadership of women, formulate some hope for women's leadership in 2013.

1. more and more women leaders and role models.

Role models have great strength in building a life, either men or women. Hence the number of role models of women had an important role to the advancement of women in various parts of the world. Currently, the number of women leaders continue to grow. More and more women are successful in various fields.

But not many of those who share their experiences, successes and his life story, and the way his leadership. The expectation this year, more and more successful women who are willing to take the time and share his experience. Realize how big the impact of role models for the next generation, is expected to open the way and the opportunity for women to share in the future.

2. focus on your leadership strengths and capabilities.
Guittard says it took more effort to give women the opportunity to develop the ability and strength within her. Women at every level need support to develop the strength and ability of his leadership. Unlike men who are socially has gained support for the lead. So while men occupy the position of the conduct, naturally he is confident show strength.

While women are more often to be in condition, battling the weakness rather than maximize the time and energy to identify and build the power himself. This is what needs to be changed if you'd like more women leaders that focus on strength and ability.

3. women who focus on himself and is able to make a change.

Most women are busy thinking of other people. So women exhausted physically and mentally with all the attention she gave and the responsibility he pikul.

Meanwhile, in leadership, one does not have to always lead at any time. The leader chooses the moment when he led with great caution and when to lead. Leadership requires a commitment to take care of yourself but also have a surefire techniques in carrying out its role as a leader to overcome the stressful situation and crisis.

4. men should be involved in finding solutions.
Women's issues, including leadership, not just belong to women. Men also need to be involved, move together provide solutions.

"Last summer, I found eight brave men who participated in the leadership course peremoaun in Dubai. I hope more and more male participants even though I know it's hard for men to get involved from this kind of course. If any participating, not many men who dare to speak and actively involved in the talks. This needs to be changed, "he said.

Men need to be involved in women's leadership program because of the following reasons:
* Many menyasar women's market.
* A lot of men who are in a position to organize, hire, and promote women in the workplace.
* Many men who married women's work and the father of daughters.

"We need more men in discussion of women and leadership. We need more men who would dare speak, share your perspective and ask. Sharing space with the women to help find solutions together, "he said.

5. program impact Barometer.

There must be a real impact of the discussion, forums, activities, leadership programs for women. Don't just make women's issues like the recruitment of labor, the opportunity to develop and improve the quality of personal, equal salaries, promotions, flexible working time is associated with his needs as the mother in the family, the extent of the discussions and agreements on paper.

It took real action, as well as the impact of the programme barometer of the real world of women, for the realization of the various things that aspired to the women's forum. The Government, private sector, non-governmental organizations also need to create a transparent, competitive environment for women. Don't stop even limited discussion on women and leadership. But to accomplish a variety of programs of empowerment and leadership of women. All parties should be able and willing to think about the long-term impact will be the emergence of women's leadership.

Monday, February 18, 2013

4 rules of Use "Email" Office

Use Office email address is etiketnya. Do not let the habit that you do with your personal email get carried away when you use email for Office work.

* Container gossip.
Avoid using an email to Office gossip or vent with your friends. In addition to confiscating concentration while working, it is likely you have suddenly entered the wrong email address destination. If it is a personal thing that you want to tell your friends, we recommend you use a personal account and do it after working hours.

* Emoticons and abbreviations.
Used to type an SMS and chat makes us often forget to use good language, with no abbreviations and without emoticons. Do not get the email that is addressed to a co-worker or boss uses both of these.

* Use of the subject.
The subject of the email is becoming so important to tell which things are relaxed and which ones need to be your priorities, especially those related to the job.

* Submit A CV.
Make sure you don't use email when sending Office applications and CV's work to other companies. In addition to the unethical, habits like this pose a risk as found out if superiors you plan to move or Office is exploring other job opportunities.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to recognize the "Online" Store is safe

Although online shopping makes it easy, security factors often make prospective buyers cancel his intention to Transact via the online shopping site. In addition to noting the five factor secure online shopping, other measures that can address the concern was to recognize online stores that really give security and comfort.

Online store owner, Agus Tjandra said the well-known shopping website and have a positive reputation can provide a sense of security on a prospective buyer. However, there are some online stores that feature should also note, among them:

1. site beginning with https.

Look for a sign if it's secure web site, make sure that at the time of your payment see the sign inscribed with https. One of the signs that we are in a secure site is its web address begins with "https://...", the "s" is secure (secure).

2. the lock icon is locked.
Look also at the bottom of the browser looks a locked lock icon. If there are no signs of it, chances are you are transacting in a site that is not secure. That is, it is very likely the data You "diintip" it is, in the absence of enskripsi credit card data, so your personal data can be viewed with ease. If in-click on the padlock is visible clearly idenditas the company legally.

3. include your partner logo.
On the footer at the bottom of the website there are several, for example Verisign partner logo, 3D Secure, Visa, MasterCard, and supporting banks. Visa and Mastercard Logo, this indicates the payment could use a credit card with one of these, Visa or Mastercard. 3D Secure is a PIN to be entered again (as a second password), after you input your credit card on the website.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Men Are More Difficult To Read Facial Expressions

This scientific proof why not simply just install the sullen look when we expect him/her to help us beberes home. The man turned out it took longer to assess facial expression, according to research from Edinburgh University, Scotland.

The researchers say that these studies confirm the ability of men and women in empathizing, pretend, and process of social stimulation.

"Our Findings suggest that men have strategies to overcome their natural empathy that is lower with activate parts of the brain that perceive social cues-cue is excessive," said Professor Stephen Lawrie, head of the Department of Psychiatry from Edinburgh University who led the study.

In the experiments, researchers using brain mapping for memelajari male and female reactions when shown pictures of faces with different expressions. They were asked to explain how intelligent a person based on the expression of her face, whether he can be trusted, and whether it is friendly or not. When they give you the answers, the researchers measured the length of the reaction of the respondents and do scanning their brains.

According to this, brain mapping blood flow to parts of the brain that functions to make emotional decisions shows that the brains of men must work harder to make emotional judgement. The study is designed to give enough time for men to read emotions, however when faced with decision making in quick time in real life men is more difficult to make an assessment of it than women.

When asked about the intelejensi of a person, there is little difference between men and women. In terms of deciding whether someone is friendly or not, the guy takes more time. Even so, basically has the same opinion of men with women.

The pattern seen on this guy according to Lawrie also looks at people with autism conditions, which also had difficulty distinguishing facial expressions. Therefore, the research team recommends the use of new tools to help people with autism social rules and increase memelajari their skills to communicate with others.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shopping in Zalora Through your mobile phone

Online shopping is getting easier with a range of applications that offer shopping site. One Zalora Indonesia which provides mobile site for users of smartphones and tablets, which want to get practical and shopping experience easier.

This Mobile site Zalora Indonesia ( provides a customized view of the desktop version for mobile phones. Lightweight, simple look with a designation that makes it easy to search, easy online shopping enthusiasts in search of a variety of needs.

Mobile site users also get the same service, such as free shipping, money back guarantee, and could make a purchase with a variety of payment methods including COD.

Launch mobile site Zalora cannot be separated from increased among urban lifestyle. Ericsson Lab studies, referring to the 2011-2012, smartphone users in Indonesia grew three times within a period of one year.

Another study also shows more than 80 percent of internet users doing online shopping Indonesia. Most do shopping online using a smartphone.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So Noisy because fuck Orgasm more "Hot"?

Research from the University of Central Lancashire in 2011 never revealed, noisy voices issued by women while making love does not always indicate that she middle of orgasm. The women instead of removing those voices to express the pleasure they feel, but rather to create a more exciting atmosphere. Thus, the man will be compelled to have an orgasm.

Now comes new research from Leeds University which States: noisy when couples making love are likely experiencing a more enjoyable moments in bed. They invited 70 women to record respondents was how hard they make noise, and when the noise occurs.

There are some findings that are similar to the findings of researchers the University of Central Lancashire. The researchers found that Leeds, two thirds of respondents most noisy before and after his partner reaches orgasm. Noise was always they do to make getting excited and help couples reach climax.

Leeds also revealed his new findings, where 92 percent of women say they are confident that their moans during sex can increase the self-assurance for a partner. Later, 87 percent of women said, that's the reason they do it.

Women are also increasingly referred to as rowdy they experienced orgasm much more intense than the male orgasm. This is due to the nervous bond on the clitoris is much larger than the nerves in the penis area men, giving extra sensation when reaching climax.

Other findings that are not less interesting once leveled at Lovehoney site. Polls conducted this site confirms what has become a myth for this, which is that women are much more noisy than men during sex. Nearly all the women surveyed (94 per cent) admit it, and seven out of 10 men also agreed with such recognition.

But the sex expert Tracey Cox isn't sure where the sex with moans and lenguhan women will result in better sex.

"There is no scientific explanation as to why one of the genders so more rowdy in bed. It rather depends on each person. Some people can rant while watching the concert, but the others could just watch silently. Does not mean that it does not stand to enjoy a concert, right? "tukasnya.

Tracey also disagree with the supposition that men will reach orgasm more easily if they know has managed to satisfy a partner. According to him it is even making women feel pressured, because it should make the men know that they are happy and satisfied with the fuck session.

"One theory never reveals why women more often feigned the orgasm than men, that is because they feel obligated to give ' evidence ' that they enjoyed the session," said author of The Sex Doctor.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Boy 9 years of Birth: lessons for Parents

Parents must have misgivings about coverage in any rape or child molestation. Moreover, there are rape victims who got pregnant and gave birth to children at the primary level age. However, parents are expected not just to worry, but also encourage children to always talk when they are subjected to sexual abuse.

As reported yesterday, Wednesday (6/2/2013), a boy 9 year old woman gives birth to a baby girl in Mexico. Baby girl was born by caesarean section on January 27, and then in the Hospital, Zoquipan Jalisco, with a weight of 2.7 kg. The mother and the baby are healthy-healthy, but the mother who was 8 years old when she was pregnant did not understand what was going on. While the father of the newborn baby 17 years old is rumored to run away.

Dafne, so the name of this poor girls, is not the only child who is already a mother at a very young age. Last year also reported women boy age 10 from Colombia who gave birth to a daughter, and a 9 year old China that gave birth to a baby boy on 2010.

Puberty can indeed happen 8 years of age among the girls, but parents have the obligation to help their children understand what is going on with their bodies. Dafne, for example, reportedly did not know of her pregnancy until the age of seven months of her pregnancy. That's when her lover, teenagers 17 years, took her to live with.

Because the woman refused, boy teen boys are decide to move to another city. There is a possibility he will be prosecuted on charges of sexual molestation or rape, depending on the situation.

"Parents (her) work throughout the day, and not watching him. Hence they do not realize what is happening, "said Lino Ginzalez Corona, spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office in the State of Jalisco.

We could take a lesson from this incident. This case indicates that most parents are having communication problems within the family. Unknowingly, parents often still perceive her as "baby". They don't know that puberty was occurring at the age of 8-13 years (girls), and 9-14 years old (boys). Menstruation and wet dream is the culmination of puberty, so that parents are already supposed to accompany the child before puberty is tops.

Therefore, Monica Beyer *, author of Baby Talk, encourages parents to familiarize the open communication with children regardless of their age. Sexual abuse is not a topic to be discussed with kids fun, but needs to be done in order for a child to know that his parents have always listened to when there are people who hurt them.

Give the explanation, that they can tell you when they are being hurt, harassed, or touched, he made fun of in any way that makes them uncomfortable. From a young age taught in children about their body parts as they deserve yet easy to understand. Explain that the body part should only be used by themselves and in private.

Tell us also that you would never judge them because of what they say to you, but it is precisely because you want to help. The only thing it takes a kid when things like this happen is the support and comfort you.

Monday, February 11, 2013

5 factors of "Online" Shopping is safe

For some people, shopping in cyberspace is more fun because it has cut some things. The main factor in congestion on the way to the shopping center, in addition to the free of charge parking in the shopping center that is increasingly expensive. However, online shopping is still a doubt for some people because it concerned a security factor.

Agus Tjandra, founder of one of the online shopping site, said shopping in cyberspace can be exciting because with just one click, we can search for the desired goods and at the same time be able to compare prices to get the best deals. However, online shopping cannot be indiscriminate.

To provide a sense of security to the're a savvy shopper, Agus suggest're a savvy shopper to note the following five factors:

1. shopping online should have an official website, include your company address is clear and provides a helpful customer service, either online or via the phone.
2. should Payment to corporate accounts related to online shopping place.
3. have a way of payment and are supported by bank official related.
4. have a transfer service which can be tracking (traced) its existence by consumers.
5. have an after-sales service and warranty of the product.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

10 limitations of Normal in a relationship

For some people, having a normal relationship perhaps boring. But sometimes couples also requires relationships of normal conditions, not good nor bad, just normal.

A number of experts and practitioners in fact renders the normal limits in relationships. Wellness, Chrisanna Northrup Entrepreneur working with top American sociologist, Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Dr. James White, conducted a survey about the relationship called "Normal Bar Survey".

A survey about this relationship, ranging up to the level of happiness, behavior involving 100,000 respondents worldwide. As a result, the following 10 signs your relationship is still quite "normal".

1. Expect a romantic partner.

There is a presumption that many people that women diamini more concerned on the romance, while men are more concerned on sex. Normal Bar Survey shows need for romance and sex are the same size. The survey showed 64 percent of men claimed to need the romance, and 63 percent of women admit the same thing.

2. don't show kemesraan in public.
If the relationship lasts a long time already, including married couples, no need to feel normal when not in public romancing of desire began to fade. Most of the couples who have a relationship over 10 years shows kemesraan stops in public. This also happens in people aged 45 and over it.

3. Masturbation.

Whatever your sex frequencies and partner, masturbating is a normal thing. Masturbating does not mean replacing sex. As much as 96 per cent of men and 82 percent of women, masturbating aside from sex with a partner.

4. Provide direction during sex.

When felt was not satisfied with sex, talk. This is normal do married couples. The survey also showed 63 percent of women and 59 percent of men discussing sex technique that you want when you're making love.

5. no sexual fantasies with your partner.

Fantasize about others are sexual when sex turns out to be a normal thing. The survey showed 53 percent of men and 38 percent of women admitted to imagine someone else while having sex. This fantasy has little to do with the interest of the people who appear in these fantasies.

6. have a separate bank account.
Married couples do not always have to have everything together. It is natural when married couples still have their respective bank accounts. The survey said 60 percent of married couples without children each have their own bank accounts. The same thing also carried out 40 percent of married couples with children. However, they also have a joint bank account or a joint investment. As many as 62 percent of married couples recognize each individual has access to the bank accounts of each investment account as well.

7. had no prenup.

If you are kok and Normal couples do not have a prenup. According to the Normal Bar Survey, only 3.6 percent of married couples have a prenup. While 53 percent of respondents claimed no problem if one spouse asking the prenup.

8. feel to have a happier relationship than companions.
Felt had a happier than a pair of friends, is a normal thing. Normal Bar Survey shows, 46 percent claim they couples happier than his relationships. While 37 percent claiming to be happy with their relationship, and only 17 percent claiming to be unhappy with their relationship. The length of the relationship also affect the level of happiness. The new couple claim they are happy with their relationship. While couples who have long relationships with their friends, claimed to be happier.

9. don't trust your partner.
One more thing normally found in the relationship is, the attitude of disbelief at the couple. Only 53 percent of men and 39 percent of women who profess to believe with his partner.

10. read an email mate.

You often open and read email partner? Don't worry, it is still classified as normal behavior in relationships. Normal Bar survey showed 54 percent of women and 49 percent of men admit to do this. Read the email does not mean couples indicate suspicion. In women, this behavior is more pointed out the curiosity is high not because of suspicious or jealous.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Child Is Afraid Of Facing The Outside World

Make sure your child knows that every move that will not take You and your husband for him let alone threaten cornered itself, but rather as evidence that you will always be.

I have four children, the first male 21 years, both women were 15 years old, the third and the fourth female, 10 and six years. I would like to ask my eldest child's self-development.
My first child, already entered the seventh semester at the Faculty of civil engineering, tends to be a lot at home. Judging his intercourse he seemed less socializing with friends sebayanya. In fact he was smart, since SD until HIGH SCHOOL he was always the champion class. Faculty of civil engineering, but his place now does not desire, because its founders came forward a civil one. We as parents are tough minded looking for jobs, so if traces of his father, will continue to be easier later.

He lived through it like a carefree but tend to be silent. He never reveals any problem on us unless I ask.  From the results of our chat, I was surprised because he fears. Fear cannot appease her parents. He is also afraid of facing the outside world, hence she is more busy in the room sank themselves by playing games.

At her age now he also has never been courting. Despite the fact that many women calling or Forget it. He said it did not want to because of the desire going out have had lovers because of the fear of time-consuming and troublesome for him is having to deal with a partner.
We had to how to deal with the firstborn? Because honestly we felt afraid of her future.(Roseninit, 34)

Ya Roseninit dear friend,
Face of a child who is covered and is terrified to face "anything" requires the understanding and trust of Ya as his mother. Is the sense here is not to impose the will of Ya as parents, but rather trying to listen to expressions of his heart. If You find it difficult to know what is happening, then the simplest way is to invite him to talk from the heart to the heart, while indicating that He is always there to show him either in love or grief.

To build confidence to Ya, Ya should do what it has to say Ya while talking from the heart to heart with her. To build confidence to ya. This is very important because he needed a sense of security and comfort.

Actually, this is my beloved son Ya feel very alone. On the other hand he felt fears could not appease Ya all at once to face the outside world. This is where Ya much-needed mother figure. So did his father.

So, what Ya need to do? The following three-step Ya need to do:

First, talk to Ya husband beloved. Tell me Ya as well as invite your son's condition to take the best move for the sake of your beloved son. Must need to underline here is that each step will take You and your husband, not to be cornered him let alone threatened to herself. But more in the form of mentoring him while proving that he was never alone. His father and mother were always ready to accompany her either in love or grief.

Ask your husband to take him see Ya job his father closely. But if that is not possible because of its location outside the city, then his father could take him to see other civil engineering projects, from planning to construction. The bottom line, he knows the world bring in civil engineering from close to open up ways that insight as well as wider and wise.

Second, talk threes from heart to heart: Ya, beloved husband and son. Tell him that You and your husband love her very much. Also tell her that You and your husband feel unhappy when I saw her fear. And You and your husband would feel happy when see her happy.

Ask him, what really makes him afraid of the outside world? Is she afraid of the Association? If he had problems with his studies? Or because he is afraid to feel alone has no friends? Tell her that her fears, she is whatever can deal with it. Tell him, how his childhood used to be so brave to face something, for example the naughty friends facing the game, and so on.

Add that this is the real world that everyone does have to face it, including himself. That play games continuously isn't very good for him. This will be increasingly distancing himself with others, including friends of sekampusnya.

Third, told him that he need not fear cannot appease You and his dad, because you believe he really can do it. How, become responsible, to accept the reality and deal with it without know despair. By learning and working on a task that is supposed to be. Bravely facing a sense of fear by taking real action, and not avoid it by playing games no karuan.

Tell him that you and his dad very happy when saw it become a child who does not know is desperate and trying mightily reach for dreams.

Peluklah it. If Ya feel over this rarely or never even hugged him, then peluklah it with great affection. Because with Your hugs and genuine loving father will give him a sense of safe, warm, and serene setting.

In principle, take your time to diligently take him speak from heart to heart. Your figure and his father so he needed. And it indeed takes time. I believe you can. Bismillah, Yes. I help you prayer.

Ainy Fauziyah, CPC
Leadership Coach & Motivator
Author Of The Best Seller Book "Fierce Willpower"


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Typical Chinese New Year Shopping Program All Eight

Chinese New Year celebration is not less solemn profession, at the Mall in Singapore Jakarta, even shopping site. A range of shopping deals presented to celebrate the year of the Snake's Water, with the number eight symbolizes elements accentuate the luck.

In Indonesia, Zalora shopping site good luck Chinese new year on February 10th, 2013 is translated through the discount offers up to 50 percent with nominal nuanced 88, began, a large, 88,000 288,000, 388.000. For users of the lucky shopping site, can have the opportunity to get a discount of 88 percent. Not only that, the Lunar luck can also be obtained from red envelope shock're a savvy shopper, inserted in the packaging when shopping delivered.

While in a number of shopping centres, bringing festive Imlek itself. Central Park Mall in West Jakarta, for example, runs a program "Tree of Fortune" part of the activities of the Spring in The City "A Celebration of Good Fortune, Prosperity and Love."

Program that lasts 8-10 Feb 2013 it provides an opportunity to test the visitors ' luck. With a minimal expenditure of Rp 1,000,000 per stroke shopping around the Central Park Mall tenant, visitors have the opportunity to get the Mall eight gold coin 5 g, 88, 888 FOLDER voucher voucher Blitz Megaplex, a typical Mall and other merchandise.

Meanwhile, if you are planning a vacation to Singapore at this year's Chinese new year celebrations, The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands also welcome the year of the snake with a variety of programs. This year, there will be more than 70 retail stores that offer discounts of up to 50 percent.

That is typical in this year of the snake, a welcoming for the first time a classy Italy brand label, a. testoni, will feature a limited collection of leather shoes Amedeo Testoni Chinese New Year which can only be purchased with a reservation. This Program lasted until February 16, 2013.

Again the number eight is believed to bring luck into a shopping program options. Visitors to The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands Singapore dollars worth of 186 shopping opportunity to earn prizes such as a collection of place card faux snakeskin, gifts of a selection of teas are also Brown. While for the first with a total of 88 're a savvy shopper shopping Singapore dollars on the two 180 the first day of the lunar new year (10-11 February 2012), the opportunity to get a shopping voucher worth 80 Singapore dollars.


Child characteristics Puber Faster

Child Puber Faster

Children now tend to experience puberty sooner. You may have heard some of the theories that say that the phenomenon is caused by hormones in the fast food is often consumed. However, there has been no scientific proof of this.

"What sparked the beginning of puberty is still unknown," said Moira Pfeifer, MD, endocrinologist at Dayton children 's. "There are so many theories, but there is not 100 percent accepted as factors that trigger puberty. Known is that puberty begins earlier in girls, not boys. In girls, it seems there is a link between the index increased body with puberty early. "

But from a variety of observations of the health experts, it can be concluded that the possible causes of early puberty are:

Obesity. Excess body fat can increase the levels of the hormone estrogen, which plays a role in breast development.
Environmental factors, such as compounds that interfere with the hormone estrogen system. Compounds that are natural or a man-made chemicals can disrupt hormone production or activity. Chemicals found in plastics, cosmetics, detergents, toys, etc. Excessive consumption of soy products are often associated with early puberty.
If the child does not have a fundamental medical issues such as tumors or genetic disorders, the exact causes of early puberty is not actually known. Usually children's endocrinologist will conduct a screening or other abnormalities, tumors because puberty early at 50 percent of boys and 10 percent of girls are caused by a brain tumor.

Early puberty symptoms
In girls, below any symptoms that occur before the age of 7 or 8 may indicate premature puberty:
* Breast Development
* Pubic Hair or armpit has grown
* Height adds up quickly
* Menstrual
* Acne
* Body odor that is "adult"

While the boy, if these things happen before age 9:
* The testes or penis enlarges
* Pubic Hair, underarm or moustache has already started to grow
* Height adds up quickly
* The voice began to break down
* Acne
* Body odor that is "adult"

We recommend that you consult a physician immediately if you observe these signs. To test for sure and do further treatment, chances are you will be referred to a specialist in Endocrinology.