Monday, February 25, 2013

Preparing for the Unexpected Encounter Endless Love

Long single and desperate because the man has not yet met the craving? Don't blame fate, it could be, you are not ready for the moment of the meeting.

Patti Stanger, expert romance, dating agency owner premium "millionaire's Club" and star of the reality show "the Millionaire Matchmaker" have a theory why you always fail and how to always be ready for an unexpected meeting with a man's dream.

An unexpected encounter with a man who leads a love affair even marriage, not just the story of the film or a romantic drama. You can also experience it. But you might wonder, why such a meeting never happened to you?

"My guess is you're not ready for it. I am a person who believes that God and life just give us something we can face, and if you're not ready for a romantic relationship, then, it will not happen to you, "says Patti.

So, believe in destiny – love will come when you're ready. This means that you are prepared when it happened: special meetings

* Open yourself.
Patti said, the stranger is not just a friend you've never met before. For him, a stranger is just a friend you haven't met dating. If you do not have a special relationship with someone and no one in your life who is being hounded, your choice is simply the people that you have never known. Well, that foreigners cannot be directly transformed into friends dating. It takes some effort. So, open yourself to want to respond to a chat with new people, and even start that conversation.

You can start it with the handsome that often greets You each day in front of the elevator, for example. When you open a conversation, you don't know how it will take you to the next level of our relationship. At the very least, you turn strangers into acquaintances, and then change the acquaintances become friends. If you want to open a communication, you create more opportunities to meet new people that may increase the chance of being able to find him/her!

* Look interesting.
You have to look attractive to feel attractive and be ready for the possibility of unexpected romantic encounters. So make sure you come out the House with interesting countenances, and do touch up a couple of times to make sure everything stays good. That does not mean you have to wear a dress or grooming excessively each out of the House.

That is, however, just go to the minimarket near the House, make sure your hair is clean, not tersisir advance kucel, and dress is appropriate. You don't know what's going on. Who knows you cross paths with cool guy on the street or in the minimart. You won't look attractive with a dress shirt, shirt and Shorts worn and Frizz. Instead of opening a conversation, you will thus avoid due to loss of confidence.

* Free hand from your mobile phone.

"I know Twitter, BBM, the Path makes it addictive. But you won't look attractive if always looked down and busy with your mobile phone, "says Patti.

Enter your mobile phone into a bag while activity. Approaching someone for the first time takes a lot of courage, and you want to simplify the process so that the prospective girlfriends dare start a conversation with you.

If he felt he was in fact interfere with Your busy life with a cell phone, then he will not take the initiative. So, when were alone, unplug the headphones, handsfree and free up your hands from the gadget. If you want to get acquainted with new people, make sure you look can be approached.

* Forget the past.

You must continue living. It is indeed easier said than practiced. But this is the most important thing to do. Once again, you will only meet a man craving when you're ready for the meeting. So make sure you really strengthens to be able to move on, and get ready to meet new people.

Remove yourself from the past, stop stalking the ex or ex comes in social media. Do efforts to be living alone and happy life without it. When you can do it, at that time also, Mr. Right will come unexpectedly.

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