Thursday, February 7, 2013

Typical Chinese New Year Shopping Program All Eight

Chinese New Year celebration is not less solemn profession, at the Mall in Singapore Jakarta, even shopping site. A range of shopping deals presented to celebrate the year of the Snake's Water, with the number eight symbolizes elements accentuate the luck.

In Indonesia, Zalora shopping site good luck Chinese new year on February 10th, 2013 is translated through the discount offers up to 50 percent with nominal nuanced 88, began, a large, 88,000 288,000, 388.000. For users of the lucky shopping site, can have the opportunity to get a discount of 88 percent. Not only that, the Lunar luck can also be obtained from red envelope shock're a savvy shopper, inserted in the packaging when shopping delivered.

While in a number of shopping centres, bringing festive Imlek itself. Central Park Mall in West Jakarta, for example, runs a program "Tree of Fortune" part of the activities of the Spring in The City "A Celebration of Good Fortune, Prosperity and Love."

Program that lasts 8-10 Feb 2013 it provides an opportunity to test the visitors ' luck. With a minimal expenditure of Rp 1,000,000 per stroke shopping around the Central Park Mall tenant, visitors have the opportunity to get the Mall eight gold coin 5 g, 88, 888 FOLDER voucher voucher Blitz Megaplex, a typical Mall and other merchandise.

Meanwhile, if you are planning a vacation to Singapore at this year's Chinese new year celebrations, The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands also welcome the year of the snake with a variety of programs. This year, there will be more than 70 retail stores that offer discounts of up to 50 percent.

That is typical in this year of the snake, a welcoming for the first time a classy Italy brand label, a. testoni, will feature a limited collection of leather shoes Amedeo Testoni Chinese New Year which can only be purchased with a reservation. This Program lasted until February 16, 2013.

Again the number eight is believed to bring luck into a shopping program options. Visitors to The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands Singapore dollars worth of 186 shopping opportunity to earn prizes such as a collection of place card faux snakeskin, gifts of a selection of teas are also Brown. While for the first with a total of 88 're a savvy shopper shopping Singapore dollars on the two 180 the first day of the lunar new year (10-11 February 2012), the opportunity to get a shopping voucher worth 80 Singapore dollars.


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