Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to recognize the "Online" Store is safe

Although online shopping makes it easy, security factors often make prospective buyers cancel his intention to Transact via the online shopping site. In addition to noting the five factor secure online shopping, other measures that can address the concern was to recognize online stores that really give security and comfort.

Online store owner, Agus Tjandra said the well-known shopping website and have a positive reputation can provide a sense of security on a prospective buyer. However, there are some online stores that feature should also note, among them:

1. site beginning with https.

Look for a sign if it's secure web site, make sure that at the time of your payment see the sign inscribed with https. One of the signs that we are in a secure site is its web address begins with "https://...", the "s" is secure (secure).

2. the lock icon is locked.
Look also at the bottom of the browser looks a locked lock icon. If there are no signs of it, chances are you are transacting in a site that is not secure. That is, it is very likely the data You "diintip" it is, in the absence of enskripsi credit card data, so your personal data can be viewed with ease. If in-click on the padlock is visible clearly idenditas the company legally.

3. include your partner logo.
On the footer at the bottom of the website there are several, for example Verisign partner logo, 3D Secure, Visa, MasterCard, and supporting banks. Visa and Mastercard Logo, this indicates the payment could use a credit card with one of these, Visa or Mastercard. 3D Secure is a PIN to be entered again (as a second password), after you input your credit card on the website.

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