Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hope for women's Leadership in 2013

On women's issues and leadership to the attention of many parties, Government and private. The Forum, an event dedicated to the advancement of women is also growing. Topics such as women's employment, career and personal life balance women are still a concern also debate. Then what is actually needed and what women want expectations embodied women and leadership related?

Search E Guittard, MPA, specialists and teachers of corporate diplomacy, global deal, geopolitical risks, international negotiations and leadership of women, formulate some hope for women's leadership in 2013.

1. more and more women leaders and role models.

Role models have great strength in building a life, either men or women. Hence the number of role models of women had an important role to the advancement of women in various parts of the world. Currently, the number of women leaders continue to grow. More and more women are successful in various fields.

But not many of those who share their experiences, successes and his life story, and the way his leadership. The expectation this year, more and more successful women who are willing to take the time and share his experience. Realize how big the impact of role models for the next generation, is expected to open the way and the opportunity for women to share in the future.

2. focus on your leadership strengths and capabilities.
Guittard says it took more effort to give women the opportunity to develop the ability and strength within her. Women at every level need support to develop the strength and ability of his leadership. Unlike men who are socially has gained support for the lead. So while men occupy the position of the conduct, naturally he is confident show strength.

While women are more often to be in condition, battling the weakness rather than maximize the time and energy to identify and build the power himself. This is what needs to be changed if you'd like more women leaders that focus on strength and ability.

3. women who focus on himself and is able to make a change.

Most women are busy thinking of other people. So women exhausted physically and mentally with all the attention she gave and the responsibility he pikul.

Meanwhile, in leadership, one does not have to always lead at any time. The leader chooses the moment when he led with great caution and when to lead. Leadership requires a commitment to take care of yourself but also have a surefire techniques in carrying out its role as a leader to overcome the stressful situation and crisis.

4. men should be involved in finding solutions.
Women's issues, including leadership, not just belong to women. Men also need to be involved, move together provide solutions.

"Last summer, I found eight brave men who participated in the leadership course peremoaun in Dubai. I hope more and more male participants even though I know it's hard for men to get involved from this kind of course. If any participating, not many men who dare to speak and actively involved in the talks. This needs to be changed, "he said.

Men need to be involved in women's leadership program because of the following reasons:
* Many menyasar women's market.
* A lot of men who are in a position to organize, hire, and promote women in the workplace.
* Many men who married women's work and the father of daughters.

"We need more men in discussion of women and leadership. We need more men who would dare speak, share your perspective and ask. Sharing space with the women to help find solutions together, "he said.

5. program impact Barometer.

There must be a real impact of the discussion, forums, activities, leadership programs for women. Don't just make women's issues like the recruitment of labor, the opportunity to develop and improve the quality of personal, equal salaries, promotions, flexible working time is associated with his needs as the mother in the family, the extent of the discussions and agreements on paper.

It took real action, as well as the impact of the programme barometer of the real world of women, for the realization of the various things that aspired to the women's forum. The Government, private sector, non-governmental organizations also need to create a transparent, competitive environment for women. Don't stop even limited discussion on women and leadership. But to accomplish a variety of programs of empowerment and leadership of women. All parties should be able and willing to think about the long-term impact will be the emergence of women's leadership.

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