Sunday, February 10, 2013

10 limitations of Normal in a relationship

For some people, having a normal relationship perhaps boring. But sometimes couples also requires relationships of normal conditions, not good nor bad, just normal.

A number of experts and practitioners in fact renders the normal limits in relationships. Wellness, Chrisanna Northrup Entrepreneur working with top American sociologist, Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Dr. James White, conducted a survey about the relationship called "Normal Bar Survey".

A survey about this relationship, ranging up to the level of happiness, behavior involving 100,000 respondents worldwide. As a result, the following 10 signs your relationship is still quite "normal".

1. Expect a romantic partner.

There is a presumption that many people that women diamini more concerned on the romance, while men are more concerned on sex. Normal Bar Survey shows need for romance and sex are the same size. The survey showed 64 percent of men claimed to need the romance, and 63 percent of women admit the same thing.

2. don't show kemesraan in public.
If the relationship lasts a long time already, including married couples, no need to feel normal when not in public romancing of desire began to fade. Most of the couples who have a relationship over 10 years shows kemesraan stops in public. This also happens in people aged 45 and over it.

3. Masturbation.

Whatever your sex frequencies and partner, masturbating is a normal thing. Masturbating does not mean replacing sex. As much as 96 per cent of men and 82 percent of women, masturbating aside from sex with a partner.

4. Provide direction during sex.

When felt was not satisfied with sex, talk. This is normal do married couples. The survey also showed 63 percent of women and 59 percent of men discussing sex technique that you want when you're making love.

5. no sexual fantasies with your partner.

Fantasize about others are sexual when sex turns out to be a normal thing. The survey showed 53 percent of men and 38 percent of women admitted to imagine someone else while having sex. This fantasy has little to do with the interest of the people who appear in these fantasies.

6. have a separate bank account.
Married couples do not always have to have everything together. It is natural when married couples still have their respective bank accounts. The survey said 60 percent of married couples without children each have their own bank accounts. The same thing also carried out 40 percent of married couples with children. However, they also have a joint bank account or a joint investment. As many as 62 percent of married couples recognize each individual has access to the bank accounts of each investment account as well.

7. had no prenup.

If you are kok and Normal couples do not have a prenup. According to the Normal Bar Survey, only 3.6 percent of married couples have a prenup. While 53 percent of respondents claimed no problem if one spouse asking the prenup.

8. feel to have a happier relationship than companions.
Felt had a happier than a pair of friends, is a normal thing. Normal Bar Survey shows, 46 percent claim they couples happier than his relationships. While 37 percent claiming to be happy with their relationship, and only 17 percent claiming to be unhappy with their relationship. The length of the relationship also affect the level of happiness. The new couple claim they are happy with their relationship. While couples who have long relationships with their friends, claimed to be happier.

9. don't trust your partner.
One more thing normally found in the relationship is, the attitude of disbelief at the couple. Only 53 percent of men and 39 percent of women who profess to believe with his partner.

10. read an email mate.

You often open and read email partner? Don't worry, it is still classified as normal behavior in relationships. Normal Bar survey showed 54 percent of women and 49 percent of men admit to do this. Read the email does not mean couples indicate suspicion. In women, this behavior is more pointed out the curiosity is high not because of suspicious or jealous.

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