Thursday, February 21, 2013

Luckily got a pair as a Business Partner

Flower Image Lestari (BCL) and her husband, Ashraf Sinclair, a culinary business along with T.G.I Friday's restaurant launches in Lippo Mall Kemang, Jakarta. The couple's decision to open a joint venture is not something new in the world of business. The closeness that was triggered by common hobbies, interests, or indeed be a cornerstone of passion is strong for the married couple to open a business. In this case, BCL and Ashraf also had in common: good food.

Another possibility which underlies the partnership between husband and wife is a combined expertise of each. For example, you are good at cooking while smart's husband set up finance and create business strategies. Then, each capable of working professionals, by not mixing business with a household affair.

Ashraf confessed, many advantages that can be gained from doing business with a partner.

"We have a lot more time spent together, develop together, doing things that we both really enjoy and like, and communication has become more diverse," said actor from Malaysia to the Female Compass, after the official launching of T.G.I Friday's on Tuesday (5/1/2013).

"If I were the heck, this is quite profitable. We work equally well, and communication go home rest equally. Rather than on a daily basis, each busy. After the home was both too tired to chat or spend time together, "he continued.

Tip from Ashraf if wants to start a business together the couple is not overly dwell on negative things. The mind must always be positive, and thanks to the unity that occurs. "Think positive, and working on a task proportionally each. Like a flower that is more concentrated with the Affairs of children and home, so he didn't manage the operational nature or everyday. If it is I who give an update with it. "

Ashraf and BCL also involved two of their friends as partners, i.e. Chandra Supandi and Inna Basarah. All four of them often gather to discuss business together: what hasn't been, already, or need to be developed in their business.

"When assembled often we invite each family. Would like one big family, "said Ashraf.

According to him, doing business with partner and friend who was already well-known even more profitable. They had those closest and trustworthy, the commonality of interests, vision, and goals. However, they agreed to work in a professional manner by making all clear agreements on paper.


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