Monday, February 18, 2013

4 rules of Use "Email" Office

Use Office email address is etiketnya. Do not let the habit that you do with your personal email get carried away when you use email for Office work.

* Container gossip.
Avoid using an email to Office gossip or vent with your friends. In addition to confiscating concentration while working, it is likely you have suddenly entered the wrong email address destination. If it is a personal thing that you want to tell your friends, we recommend you use a personal account and do it after working hours.

* Emoticons and abbreviations.
Used to type an SMS and chat makes us often forget to use good language, with no abbreviations and without emoticons. Do not get the email that is addressed to a co-worker or boss uses both of these.

* Use of the subject.
The subject of the email is becoming so important to tell which things are relaxed and which ones need to be your priorities, especially those related to the job.

* Submit A CV.
Make sure you don't use email when sending Office applications and CV's work to other companies. In addition to the unethical, habits like this pose a risk as found out if superiors you plan to move or Office is exploring other job opportunities.

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