Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In Order To Be More Healthy Culinary Business Patisseries

Many people have actually have a consciousness to choose healthier meals when eating outside the home. It's just that, many of them undo an intention to choose healthy meals when faced with food menu at the restaurant. What is the reason?

Research-themed "World Report: Seductive Menu Nutrition" held by Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) of 5,000 respondents out of 10 countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Russia, the United States, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, China and Indonesia) showed a negative perception of the consumer. For consumers, the more healthy foods are often less attractive because of three main reasons:

* 45 percent of respondents believed that a healthy meal portions a little more
* 61 percent of respondents said that healthy food is more expensive
* 43 per cent of respondents rate the healthy food less delicious.

This last reason is considered to be quite challenging, particularly for the culinary business owners (including the chef), i.e. how to make healthier food choices still are considered delicious. Also, how customers may not compare with other healthy foods menu which is considered just spoil the tongue.

To that end, the researchers are testing the perceptions of respondents about the healthy food that looks delicious. Researchers showed a healthy fish dish on two different menus, IE menu "neutral" (a steamed trout, whole grain rice, a delicious tomato sauce, roasted vegetables with garlic sauce and olive oil), and the "seductive" (steamed fresh trout, whole grain rice, tomato sauce is tasty, spicy roasted vegetables with garlic sauce original, Italy and olive oil).

The menus are served the same, but given a different explanation. This effort turned out to produce a different response on the respondent. Nine respondents out of ten countries surveyed assume that the meat turns on the menu "sexually suggestive" looks more attractive. In other words, consumers are reluctant to choose a healthy menu caused an unflattering description of the way.

In nine countries, the "seductive" made respondents think that the trout dishes more delicious taste. The only country that does not have the perception is, that Poland considered that the description of the "neutral" impressed more delicious.

"Tantalizing Menu that is written with a good description can add appeal for the customer. Thus, we provide the opportunity for the customer to understand the origin of foodstuffs, as well as the process of cooking it. How the materials processed and prepared in the kitchen, "said Chef Robin Ho, Executive Chef The Marmalade Group, in a report on World Report Menu.

In Indonesia, making the dish more evocative description of taste is actually very possible to implement. Moreover, many of the traditional foods that have names that are short and flat. Aldi Adhena, Executive Chef of Unilever Food Solutions, Indonesia considers this naming to be a challenging task but also fun.

For example, to experiment with UFS it changes the menu fried rice into fried rice brown rice with pieces of grilled chicken and fresh vegetables that Are rich in fiber. Grilled chicken Menu digantinya be Skinless Grilled chicken with sweet soy Sauce, served with Mushrooms and rice Pepes Know Red is warm. Seductive taste, isn't it?

"I just did a minor change on the Favorites menu to be more healthy, namely improving the description of the food menu will appear more appealing for consumers," explained Aldi, when talk show in the building Annex Tower Ambassadors, Kuningan, Jakarta, some time ago.

Of course, Aldi does not only give details on the menu description, but also modify the materials used and how to offer it. For fried rice, for example, choose to use the Aldi red rice is more fibrous. In addition, he suggested to reduce the portion of the rice. Then, he replaced the fried chicken with grilled chicken breasts, by first removing the Peel. For the fried egg, it only uses egg whites only. Add vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots to add color to the dish. Lastly, eliminate crackers.

In this way, Aldi's fried rice cereal yields low in fat, low in calories, contains more fiber and blessing, as well as make a dish look tasteful thanks to the priestesses.

The same thing he did on grilled chicken dishes. "Fried chicken or grilled chicken that's right, the most tasty right her skin. However, it is also high in fat skin. So if you want to reduce fat, most straightforward message for her skin was revoked, "he said giving advice.

For the grilled chicken menu, Aldi use boneless chicken breast and add the tofu and mushrooms pepes to replace fried tofu and tempe. He also uses carbohydrates for red rice, and add lettuce, tomato, and cucumber for garnish. As a result, chicken bakarnya more low fat, low calories, and more fibrous.

"To watch out for is the presentation. That's when cuisine is so important is because of the eye, the first found this is interesting or not. The tongue and so carried away after seeing the presentation, "he explained.

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