Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Case Of The Young Child By JanSport Music

Origin bag Brand JanSport, the United States, not only among young menyasar as main target customers are. Through music, JanSport accommodate the needs of young children. Not only in America but also in Indonesia.

JanSport Indonesia enlisting as an online music competition initiator for an indie band, appreciated among the young. Because, in a number of other countries are JanSport, though equally support their music, have never held a titled Show Your Sound activities of this kind.

"This online music competition first held in Indonesia as well as JanSport globally," said John Sebastian, Brand Manager for JanSport Indonesia during a news conference at Rolling Stone Cafe, Kemang, Jakarta, Friday (8/2/2013).

Brand bags menyasar ages 13 to 35 this filter Indonesia young musicians through social media. Via the Facebook Page Indonesia, JanSport 70 band sent video footage and the profile.

The jury team consists of representatives of the United States, he is the musician JanSport Slank, and Ricky Saberi from Rolling Stone Indonesia menyeleksinya to 20, then look for the top 3, to get a major winner and a winner of the favorite. As a result, major John Matheson as a champion Plainlied, and R.U.M as the winner of the favorite.

"In the future, the winner will be involved in the activities of the JanSport always related to music and young people," said Johan.

According to He, the winners of the competition JanSport online music Show Your Sound has original works, a local band of global quality, which could represent a JanSport also Indonesia. For guitarists, music competition Slank this kind of indie bands need need help promotion. "Central to the indie band is exposure. A win in the competition also add points to their profile, "he said.

Not only support the promotion, JanSport has also through the activities provide concrete solutions in terms of financially. The main prize in the form of cash of Rp 20 million gives the fresh wind and the hope for the young who choose musical circles as his profession. Provide one more important solutions for indie bands who often stop growing because of funding constraints.

"The purpose of this activity is to facilitate a difficulty starting a recording band," says Johan.

Although choosing a winner that could represent a stylish handbag brand young, Johan said these activities did not intend to seek a 60 percent are now icons JanSport favored men, and 40 percent are now women. Brand bag that has more than 500 variants, ranging from backpacks to tote this bag, is committed to support the activities of young people, especially the music.

In addition to facilitate creativity among the young, JanSport Indonesia also planned to meet the needs of various backgrounds, especially teenagers until first jobber sporty-style handbag needs. JanSport intends to open two more shops in 2013, adding to the one store is now located at the mall the EX, Central Jakarta. Also add 65 outlets to 100 in various department stores across Indonesia.


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