Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Boy 9 years of Birth: lessons for Parents

Parents must have misgivings about coverage in any rape or child molestation. Moreover, there are rape victims who got pregnant and gave birth to children at the primary level age. However, parents are expected not just to worry, but also encourage children to always talk when they are subjected to sexual abuse.

As reported yesterday, Wednesday (6/2/2013), a boy 9 year old woman gives birth to a baby girl in Mexico. Baby girl was born by caesarean section on January 27, and then in the Hospital, Zoquipan Jalisco, with a weight of 2.7 kg. The mother and the baby are healthy-healthy, but the mother who was 8 years old when she was pregnant did not understand what was going on. While the father of the newborn baby 17 years old is rumored to run away.

Dafne, so the name of this poor girls, is not the only child who is already a mother at a very young age. Last year also reported women boy age 10 from Colombia who gave birth to a daughter, and a 9 year old China that gave birth to a baby boy on 2010.

Puberty can indeed happen 8 years of age among the girls, but parents have the obligation to help their children understand what is going on with their bodies. Dafne, for example, reportedly did not know of her pregnancy until the age of seven months of her pregnancy. That's when her lover, teenagers 17 years, took her to live with.

Because the woman refused, boy teen boys are decide to move to another city. There is a possibility he will be prosecuted on charges of sexual molestation or rape, depending on the situation.

"Parents (her) work throughout the day, and not watching him. Hence they do not realize what is happening, "said Lino Ginzalez Corona, spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office in the State of Jalisco.

We could take a lesson from this incident. This case indicates that most parents are having communication problems within the family. Unknowingly, parents often still perceive her as "baby". They don't know that puberty was occurring at the age of 8-13 years (girls), and 9-14 years old (boys). Menstruation and wet dream is the culmination of puberty, so that parents are already supposed to accompany the child before puberty is tops.

Therefore, Monica Beyer *, author of Baby Talk, encourages parents to familiarize the open communication with children regardless of their age. Sexual abuse is not a topic to be discussed with kids fun, but needs to be done in order for a child to know that his parents have always listened to when there are people who hurt them.

Give the explanation, that they can tell you when they are being hurt, harassed, or touched, he made fun of in any way that makes them uncomfortable. From a young age taught in children about their body parts as they deserve yet easy to understand. Explain that the body part should only be used by themselves and in private.

Tell us also that you would never judge them because of what they say to you, but it is precisely because you want to help. The only thing it takes a kid when things like this happen is the support and comfort you.

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