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Child characteristics Puber Faster

Child Puber Faster

Children now tend to experience puberty sooner. You may have heard some of the theories that say that the phenomenon is caused by hormones in the fast food is often consumed. However, there has been no scientific proof of this.

"What sparked the beginning of puberty is still unknown," said Moira Pfeifer, MD, endocrinologist at Dayton children 's. "There are so many theories, but there is not 100 percent accepted as factors that trigger puberty. Known is that puberty begins earlier in girls, not boys. In girls, it seems there is a link between the index increased body with puberty early. "

But from a variety of observations of the health experts, it can be concluded that the possible causes of early puberty are:

Obesity. Excess body fat can increase the levels of the hormone estrogen, which plays a role in breast development.
Environmental factors, such as compounds that interfere with the hormone estrogen system. Compounds that are natural or a man-made chemicals can disrupt hormone production or activity. Chemicals found in plastics, cosmetics, detergents, toys, etc. Excessive consumption of soy products are often associated with early puberty.
If the child does not have a fundamental medical issues such as tumors or genetic disorders, the exact causes of early puberty is not actually known. Usually children's endocrinologist will conduct a screening or other abnormalities, tumors because puberty early at 50 percent of boys and 10 percent of girls are caused by a brain tumor.

Early puberty symptoms
In girls, below any symptoms that occur before the age of 7 or 8 may indicate premature puberty:
* Breast Development
* Pubic Hair or armpit has grown
* Height adds up quickly
* Menstrual
* Acne
* Body odor that is "adult"

While the boy, if these things happen before age 9:
* The testes or penis enlarges
* Pubic Hair, underarm or moustache has already started to grow
* Height adds up quickly
* The voice began to break down
* Acne
* Body odor that is "adult"

We recommend that you consult a physician immediately if you observe these signs. To test for sure and do further treatment, chances are you will be referred to a specialist in Endocrinology.

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