Monday, February 11, 2013

5 factors of "Online" Shopping is safe

For some people, shopping in cyberspace is more fun because it has cut some things. The main factor in congestion on the way to the shopping center, in addition to the free of charge parking in the shopping center that is increasingly expensive. However, online shopping is still a doubt for some people because it concerned a security factor.

Agus Tjandra, founder of one of the online shopping site, said shopping in cyberspace can be exciting because with just one click, we can search for the desired goods and at the same time be able to compare prices to get the best deals. However, online shopping cannot be indiscriminate.

To provide a sense of security to the're a savvy shopper, Agus suggest're a savvy shopper to note the following five factors:

1. shopping online should have an official website, include your company address is clear and provides a helpful customer service, either online or via the phone.
2. should Payment to corporate accounts related to online shopping place.
3. have a way of payment and are supported by bank official related.
4. have a transfer service which can be tracking (traced) its existence by consumers.
5. have an after-sales service and warranty of the product.


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